all year round 2 à 12 participants4 days

Discover the Great South of Morocco in an off-road kart.

Nearly 600 km (375 miles) of tracks and roads once travelled by the great trans-Sahara caravans, in search of a fascinating world full of surprises.

Despite appearances, this trek is in no way a competition.

It combines the pleasure of driving a highly spectacular vehicle with the exploration of a region dominated by the snow-capped peaks of the Atlas mountains and the impressive plains of the Sahara.


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prix et infos

4 jours, dont 2 jours de kart

Pilote CHF. from 1'800.- to 2'100.-
Passager CHF. from 1'400.- to 1'700.-
The price varies according to the number of participants

Accessible to all persons in good health

Return flight, accommodation, full board, superintendence by a local English-speaking guide during the whole stay, kart rental, petrol, oil, technical assistance, logistics and taxes.

Tips and personal expenses

Payment against invoice, based on the number of registered participants, to be made 2 months before the event. There are no cancellation costs if an agreed joint decision is made 2 months prior to the event.

what you should know

Differing completely from traditional vehicles, off-road karts give a feeling of freedom and independence. Nippy and easy to handle, they combine the sensations of a motorbike coupled with the security of a 4-wheel vehicle. Capable of snaking their way along the tortuous tracks of the djbels (mountains), traversing stony plains and the sandy tracks of the ergs (sand dunes) indifferently or speeding at over 100 km/h (62 mph) on the flatlands of the hamadas (stony plateaux), they are nevertheless not averse to tarmacked roads if the need arises.

A pilot license is not necessary, a driving license being sufficient. Off-road karts are driven like cars, but with added pleasure!

The karts are 2-seaters, and are adjusted according to the pilot size. Provided that the pilot and his passenger are more or less the same size, they can alternate the driving.

Immediately after arriving in Morocco, our guide takes complete charge of the participants. Superintendence of the trek includes a kart with a pilot from our team to show you the way. Standard mechanical repairs are carried out on the spot.

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