The trapper adventure is a game held in the wild that will bring you back to the heart of the XVIIIe century, period, well known for its fur exchanges.

Your mission is to cover the « Northern territories » and join the different « trading post » to buy furs.

To achieve this, you have to defy the hazard of the game and negotiate with the other participants, the gold digger, the ranger, the trapper or the indian. You will come across these characters through out the forest journey.

Supplied with a site map, a compass, a leather purse filled with coins and a bag, it is now up to you!

Call on your team spirit, sense of direction, business skill, glibness and dive to the heart of the adventure.

  Trapper Materiel Strategie hiking the basket searching Fox

price and informations

Game type :
Team event / played by a team of 3 to 8 participants

Period :
All year round / outdoor

Number of participants :
From 30 to 200 participants

Participants level :
For everyone that enjoys a walk in the forest

Timing :
Approximately 3 hours

Site :
In Gruyère

Parking :
Accessible by car or coach / free of charge

Collation :
A nice traditionnal Gruyère collation ends the activity

Classification :
The best team is given a basket with tradionnal Gruyère produces

What to wear :
According to the weather, comfortable casual wear and good walking shoes for a jaunt in the forest

Price :
In Swiss francs CHF. 70. - / per person

Invoice :
The invoice will be issued base on the number of subscription announced 48 hours in advanced

During winter :
Possibility of participating with snow shoes (approx. CHF. 15. - rental)

Bad weather alternative :
The "GENIUS CHALLENGE". The price per person stays unchanged. For more information check out "GENIUS CHALLENGE" column on our web site

more informations

Participants welcome by our team at the meeting site.
Once at the game site, our team will present you with the game, forming teams of 3 to 8 people depending on the number of participants and distribute the game materials.
For about 2 to 3 km the participants will cover on foot through paths and forest trails.
The game ends when all the teams are back at the starting point with a complete mission of obtaining furs.

The game
With the help of a map, each team will move from one trading post to another buying furs. During this journey, the team will come across and meet different disguised characters which will influence the game, turn everyone strategy around and add a bit of spice to the adventure.

The goal
Whatever the team buy, exchange, swap or resell during their journey the goal is to get back at the starting point with a minimum of 2 furs of every animal and most other goods.

Winner will be the team showing the best trading talents. At the end of the game, the final ranking will be communicated to the teams. The best team is given a basket with tradionnal Gruyère produces.

Game materials
Every team will receive a bag, map, compass and a leather purse with coins.

A nice traditionnal Gruyère collation ends the activity.

The parking lot is close to the game site and coaches accessible. Free of charge.

Furs provided in this game are all authentic and comes from wild animals hunted in Switzerland. Please inform all participants regarding this point (sensitive souls).

Depending on the weather forecast and a common agreement there will be no cancellation fee 3 days before the event. Here after, expenses CHF. 300. - will be charged.


Meeting Point

trapper's quest, 1636 Broc

Take highway exit Bulle
Cross the city of Bulle in direction Gruyères /
Turn left in direction Broc
Turn left again at the first small road ( there is a sign
"déchetterie communale")
Meeting point at the end of this small road
(red flag on the map) 

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